Top 10 Creative Closing Gifts

Wrapping up a transaction with a closing gift is a wonderful way to celebrate the milestone that you and your clients have achieved together. But rather than giving every client the same closing gift, why not choose something that suits their personality and lifestyle? They’re sure to tell their friends and family about your thoughtfulness, which is an important step in earning referrals. Check out our Top 10 Creative  Closing Gifts:                            Happy agent surprising her client with a closing gift

Maid Service — Your client’s new home should start out spotless. Help them keep it that way by paying for a month or two of maid service.

Night on the Town — Everyone loves a fun night out! Give clients a gift card to your favorite local eatery, along with tickets to a movie or upcoming special event.

Spa Day/Massage — It’s no secret that moving is stressful. Help clients relieve that stress with the gift of a relaxing massage or other spa treatments.

Hair Styling Services — Are your clients new to the area? Finding a stylist or barber in a new place can be a challenge. Refer them to your favorite salon and/or barber shop with a gift card for services. (It’s also a great way to strengthen your referral pipeline).

Meal Delivery Service — Help clients get to know their new kitchen by treating them to a few weeks of a meal delivery service like Plated or Blue Apron. They’ll love not having to think about what to make for dinner during those hectic first days in their new home.

“Of-the-Month” Membership — Want to make a long-lasting impression? Give clients a reason to think of you every month by enrolling them in an “of-the-month” club. From fruit to wine to cheese to chocolate and beyond, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.

Amazon Prime — There’s a good chance your clients are going to be making a lot of Amazon orders over the next few months. An Amazon Prime membership makes a great closing gift. They’ll receive free shipping and loads of other awesome benefits.

Streaming Entertainment — Your clients are probably going to spend plenty of time nesting in their new home. Give them a year of Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, or other streaming subscription so they can binge-watch their favorites.

Local Experience — If your clients are the adventurous type, give them a gift of an experience. Whether it’s hot air ballooning, para-sailing, rock climbing, or another local favorite pastime, they’ll have great memories of the experience — and of working with you.

Framed Photo — Take a photo of your clients in front of their new home, then have it matted and framed to hang in the home as a closing gift to remind them of their joy and excitement.