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4 Techniques to make the most of a seller’s market

These days, demand for homes seems at an all-time high. List prices are up, multiple bidders are the norm, and homes are flying off the market faster than they have in years. If you’re representing a buyer, it may appear … Read more

Modern email etiquette for real estate professionals

In today’s tech-savvy landscape, we’re regularly flooded with emails, evites, blasts from social media, and constant newsletter updates. Whether you’re a real estate agent refining your practice, or a loan officer brushing up on the digital basics, how do you … Read more

Make your business boom — Join a professional organization

In the real estate industry, relationships are everything. While building a strong connection to your immediate colleagues and your client base is step one, there’s more you can do to cultivate positive professional relationships in your sphere. Consider the professional … Read more

The perks of purchasing — Tax breaks for homeowners

Paying taxes is one of the most complicated duties that today’s homeowners face. From endless forms and complex deductions to adjusted interest rates and more — there are countless rules to govern how homeowners pay their share. What that in … Read more

What to expect — Adding commercial to your real estate business

At first glance, selling residential properties may seem to be similar to selling or leasing commercial properties. However, upon inspection, the two fields are extremely different in many ways. All the same, many real estate professionals enjoy the variety and … Read more

3 Easy ways to convert internet leads into real-world sales

Any agent or lender worth his or her salt understands that today’s buyers start their home search online. While plenty of attention is paid to crafting a quality website or commanding social media, how do you close the divide between … Read more

Consider the down payment — Secrets, myths, and misconceptions

Agents and mortgage brokers alike understand that one of the biggest hurdles facing their clients is the financial burden of a down payment. Though navigating the house hunt and sourcing an affordable mortgage are key, affording a down payment looms … Read more

The perks of mentoring young professionals

In the world of real estate, most lessons are learned in a hands-on capacity, and practices and techniques are often developed over years of trial and error. When budding agents kick off their careers, they’re far less equipped to handle … Read more

4 Must-ask questions when buying a home

Buying a home is the investment of a lifetime. To safeguard this investment, you’ll need to do your homework and go beyond the standard, surface-level questions that only get you so far. To understand a home’s true viability, you’ll need … Read more

5 Tricks to throwing a memorable networking event

While networking connects you with fellow entrepreneurs and business owners, hosting a networking event can position you as a professional leader in your area. Of course, making your event memorable requires planning and execution, and if you haven’t tried to … Read more

4 Techniques to fine-tune your mortgage practice

To stand apart from the pack, a mortgage professional must rise above the status quo. After all, it’s often the little things that separate average loan officers from truly great ones, the kind that clients can’t help but rave about. … Read more

Real estate designations — What you need to know

The real estate industry is laden with opportunities for professionals within the field to continue their education for a lifetime. In fact, any agent identifying as a professional REALTOR®, has committed to abide by a very strict Code of Ethics, … Read more

Ramping up — Is it time to hire a real estate coach?

When you consider that even professional athletes earning tens of millions of dollars a year rely on a coach to help them perform their best, it is clear that everyone can benefit from a coach. Indeed, the argument can be … Read more

Considering a real estate career? Take our quiz to see if it’s right for you

Unlike many careers, being a real estate agent really does provide you with unlimited possibilities. We’re not just talking about earning potential either, although that is certainly an appealing aspect. A career as a REALTOR® provides an opportunity for growth, … Read more

Email marketing 101 — Make the most of your efforts

When it comes to marketing, there has never been a better time to be a real estate agent. The sheer volume of venues available in which you can showcase your listings, market yourself, team, or brand, and connect with others, … Read more

All about appraisals — What you need to know

There’s no disputing that appraisals carry a lot of weight when it comes to real estate. In general terms, an appraisal is the estimate of a property’s market value, in comparison to similar properties in the area. This estimate is … Read more

Identifying wants vs. needs — A step-by-step guide

When you’re ready to look for your next home, it is smart to provide your REALTOR® with a comprehensive overview of what you want, along with what you need. The things you want in a home will be the easier … Read more

New in town? Tap into your REALTOR’S® rolodex

There are few professionals who will know more about their community than real estate agents. Even if your agent doesn’t happen to live in the exact location where you’ve purchased a home, there is a good chance that you have … Read more

Keeping your cool — How to remain calm when things don’t go as planned

Change is inherent in the real estate industry, which means that learning to roll with changes as a real estate agent is an occupational hazard that simply can’t be avoided. Although the ever-changing and unpredictable nature of work as a … Read more

Ramping up — 8 Tips to generate more referrals

It is often said that a referral is the highest compliment a professional can receive. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many REALTORS® make it a priority to build a business that is overwhelmingly referral based. Countless REALTORS® have achieved this … Read more