Top 10 Things to Throw Away Today

An easy way to get a jump-start on organizing your home is to take a few minutes to get rid of things you never use that are taking up valuable space. Here’s a list of things you can throw away (or recycle) right now. It’s guaranteed you won’t miss them when they’re gone.

Anything Past Its Expiration Date — Expiration dates exist for a reason. If you’re hanging on to anything past its prime, time to get rid of it. That includes food, toiletries, cosmetics, vitamins and medications.

Worn Towels or Bedding — You know you never use them, which means they’re just taking up space in the linen closet. Get rid of any frayed, faded, torn or threadbare towels and linens right now to make room for new ones.

Old Keys — Everyone has that drawer filled with keys that have no purpose in your life. You’re never going to remember what they’re for, so quit trying and get rid of them.

Empty Boxes — Yes, they might come in handy. But when? If you really need a box, you’ll find one. Break down the ones you have and put them out for recycling.   stack of old newspapers on a washed wood table

Old Magazines, Books and Newspapers — All that paper creates clutter and can be a home for silverfish (yuck!). Recycle old magazines and papers; donate books to local schools or senior centers.

Outdated Electronics, Cords and Chargers — Old phones, iPods, tablets, computers, and all their accessories have become a major clutter category. Recycle, donate or sell any electronics you’re not currently using. Only keep cords and chargers for your current devices.

Missing or Mismatched Pairs — This includes socks, shoes, boots and jewelry. If you can’t make a match, you’re never going to use it. Time to let it go.

Cracked Dishes and Glassware — Not only are these unsightly, they actually pose a safety hazard.

Paper and plastic bags — It’s nice to have a few around, but if you have an overflowing stash, send most of it to recycling. Make the switch to reusable cloth bags to eliminate this category altogether.

CDs and DVDs — Chances are you’ve made the switch to digital entertainment formats. But even if you haven’t yet, sort through your collections and only keep the ones you know you’re going to watch or listen to.